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The Dtex Platform

A Complete User Behavior Intelligence Solution

A Complete Platform

The Dtex Advanced User Behavior Intelligence Platform combines technology, intelligence, and services to provide cutting-edge protection from user threats.

User Data Collector

Dtex collects data using an ultra-lightweight collector on the endpoint. This collector is tiny enough that it deploys in just hours, and it has almost no network impact. This allows Dtex to have visibility into user activity both on and off the corporate network.

Privacy Compliance

Dtex doesn’t include keylogging, screenshots, or any other invasive information. Even better, Dtex has an optional anonymization process that strips out all metadata that can be used to identify an individual. As a result, Dtex is deployed even in countries with the strictest privacy laws.

Expert Library

Dtex includes more than 5,000 patterns of known bad behavior that have been collected from real-world investigations. These patterns allow Dtex to quickly and effectively pinpoint known-bad behavior from day one.

User Behavior

Dtex includes advanced user behavior intelligence. This intelligence automatically baselines normal user activity and identifies anomalies. This allows Dtex to detect and alert on the “unkown unknowns” — never-before-seen suspicious behavior.

Alerts & Hunt

Dtex’s dashboard gives you a complete view of your organization at a glance. The platform also includes targeted alerts, so your team is quickly alerted to high-risk activity. Dtex also fully integrates with SIEM data, so you can keep all of your data under a single dashboard and alert system.

Expert Analysts

Dtex’s expert analysts provide ongoing support to your team. They oversee Dtex’s installation and tuning, and help you with investigations. They also will help manage your alerts and periodically create User Threat Assessment Reports to show you significant threats in your enterprise.

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