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Dtex Plans

A Configuration for Every Enterprise

Three Tiers of Security

Dtex offers three different configurations, each specifically tailored to meet a certain set of needs. These range from a simple but effective visibility-only plan to a fully-integrated, complete service:

Dtex Signal:
Pure Visibility

Dtex Signal offers direct visibility, without analytics, alerts, or managed services. Signal is perfect for enterprises with analytics already in place, or for organizations that are looking for a simple employee monitoring solution.

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Dtex Enterprise:
Analytics and Expertise

Dtex Enterprise builds upon Dtex’s unmatched visibility to form a complete User Threat Detection solution. This plan includes user behavior analytics and hundreds of threat patterns. Plus, you get expert analyst support and tuning.

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Dtex Platinum:
The Complete Solution

Dtex Platinum is the end-to-end user threat solution. In addition to everything offered in Enterprise, it also includes custom integration with your existing security systems, as well as the highest level of expert analyst support.

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Dtex Signal | Pure Visibility

Dtex Signal offers Dtex’s unparalleled user visibility, without the inclusion of analytics, alerts, expert services, or other additional features. Dtex’s ultra-lightweight collector gives you on-and-off-network visibility that you can’t get from log files or SIEM systems. This is the best way to get pure user visibility straight from the source. You can feed this data into your other security systems, like User Behavior Analytics platforms, using JSON exports. Alternately, you can monitor this data directly as an employee monitoring solution.

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Features + Pricing

Dtex Signal is for you if:

  • You want complete user visibility, on and off the network, on Windows and Mac.
  • You have existing analytics and alerting systems, and want to cover your blindspot by collecting user activity directly from the endpoint.
  • You’re looking for a simple but effective employee monitoring solution.

Sample of Features:

  • Lightweight User Visibility
  • Visualization and Dashboards
  • Forensic Audit Trail

Dtex Enterprise | Analytics and Expertise

Dtex Enterprise is the complete solution, including user visibility, user behavior analytics, alerting, and expert analysts. It all starts with the endpoint visibility that you get from Dtex Signal, through our lightweight collector. But the Dtex Enterprise Plan builds upon that to give you the most value for that visibility. Cut through the noise with targeted alerts based on user behavior baselining and analytics. Plus, you’ll get the expert help of a team of analysts to help you manage and interpret your results — so your team won’t be overwhelmed by alerts and data.

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Features + Pricing

Dtex Enterprise is for you if:

  • You want alerts and analytics to cut through the noise, minimize false positives, and target the real risks in your organization.
  • You want expert analyst services to supplement your security team.

Sample of Features:

  • All features included in Dtex Signal
  • Analytics to detect malicious users, credential theft, ransomware, policy violations, and more
  • Expert tuning, support, and alert review

Dtex Platinum | The Complete Solution

Dtex Platinum builds upon Dtex Enterprise with seamless, custom integration in your existing security landscape. Dtex Platinum is the most advanced configuration of Dtex for the enterprise that wants a complete security solution. Dtex’s experts will work with you to develop custom integrations based on your specific security needs. You’ll also receive the highest level of support, and deep-dive User Threat Assessment analysis into your alerts and user activity.

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Features + Pricing

Dtex Platinum is for you if:

  • You’re looking for a complete, seamless, fully-integrated security platform.
  • You want highly-involved expert analysts to provide ongoing, in-depth data analysis.

Features Include:

  • All features included in Dtex Enterprise
  • Custom integration with UBA, DLP, SIEM, data warehouses, threat intel, and more.
  • Expert analysis in deep-dive risk assessment reports.