Monday, May 21: Dtex ITIR Headlines; FBI’s $9 Billion Budget Request Highlights Insider Threats

Last week, Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Director Christopher Wray asked several United States Senate committees to approve his $8.92 billion fiscal 2019 budget request. In a detailed speech, Wray explained that the bureau will use the funds to defend the nation against foreign and domestic threats [...]

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Vulnerability & the Human Element: Insights from the 2018 Insider Threat Intelligence Report

Yesterday marked an exciting day for Dtex, as we released one of our keystone pieces of independent research: the 2018 Insider Threat Intelligence Report. This report is our annual effort to look back on findings from the previous year’s User Threat Assessments - gathered across our diverse [...]

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Monday, May 14: A look at the Insider Threat and Dtex in the News

It’s only Monday. Like clockwork, we are seeing another data breach that now appears to be the result of a malicious insider. On Friday, the San Francisco (CA) Department of Public Health notified the California State Justice Department that a breach at Nuance Communications (NASDAQ: [...]

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News Roundup, Week Ending 5/4/18: Dtex, Insider Threat in the News; Smithsonian Computer Network Used in Insider Attack

This week, the Justice Department announced that Martin Mehran Taheri of Sterling, VA plead guilty to illegally accessing and then sabotaging the computer systems of his former employer, which is HQ’d in Reston, VA. The release tells the classic insider threat tale of how a former employee [...]

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Dtex Platform Updates: Delivering Scalable, Cloud-Ready Insider Threat Detection

Today marks an exciting day here at Dtex, as we introduce a series of product updates aimed at making our Advanced User Behavior Intelligence platform even more comprehensive, flexible, and scalable. Enhancements include an advanced integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), new enterprise-level automation features, and expanded [...]

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Security and Government: Paving the Road to Modernization

We shared some exciting news yesterday that we here at Dtex have been awarded a two-year contract to provide insider threat detection to the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA).  We are excited to have our Advanced User Behavior Intelligence platform integrated with DISA’s critical capabilities for detecting [...]

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The True Price Tag of Insider Threats: Findings from the New 2016 Cost of Insider Threats Report

Insider threat is a security issue that’s constantly floating in limbo. It’s significant enough to net some discussion, sure. But for a lot of organizations, it just isn’t a pressing priority. That is, it isn’t until an enterprise experiences an incident themselves. Then it becomes  top-of-mind for [...]

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CEO Christy Wyatt on Building the Enterprise of the Future

Summer has come to a grinding halt – vacations are over, my kids are (begrudgingly) heading back to school - and it is an apropos time to be starting a new adventure myself. I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to thank the Dtex team [...]

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