Anatomy of a Breach: Dissecting Insider Data Theft

Last week, news outlets lit up as a healthcare firm has notified many thousands of its customers of a recent customer data breach. While the specifics have not been made public, it appears to be a clear case of a malicious insider threat. Apparently, this breach was [...]

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Dtex Systems Threat Advisory: New Malware Variants Spreading Through Network-Connected Endpoints

Today, Dtex released a new Dtex Systems Threat Advisory. The Dtex User Behavior Intelligence Platform has observed a variant of the PinkSlipBot Worm, which was sophisticated enough to bypass malware detection tools from traditional anti-malware providers including FireEye, McAfee and Palo Alto Networks. Such malware can steal [...]

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The True Price Tag of Insider Threats: Findings from the New 2016 Cost of Insider Threats Report

Insider threat is a security issue that’s constantly floating in limbo. It’s significant enough to net some discussion, sure. But for a lot of organizations, it just isn’t a pressing priority. That is, it isn’t until an enterprise experiences an incident themselves. Then it becomes  top-of-mind for [...]

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CEO Christy Wyatt on Building the Enterprise of the Future

Summer has come to a grinding halt – vacations are over, my kids are (begrudgingly) heading back to school - and it is an apropos time to be starting a new adventure myself. I’d be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to thank the Dtex team [...]

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Top 3 Insider Threat Takeaways From Our Talk with Security Expert Peter Erceg

Peter Erceg managed security for one of the largest mobile operators in the United Kingdom. He sat down with Dtex CEO Mohan Koo to talk about what it took to implement in an insider threat program in Europe, taking into consideration privacy laws, employee culture, [...]

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The Insider Threat: from Silicon Valley to the Czech Republic

Every few days we see another example of the insider threat at work. Sometimes, it’s still shocking to see how widespread this issue is! Stories cross our desks from all over the world and from all kinds of industries. Take this one, for example: a telecom employee [...]

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TeamViewer Hacked? How We Mitigated a Potential Security Risk in Minutes

No security professional likes to wake up in the morning to hear the news that a commonly-used development tool has been compromised. But that’s exactly the situation that Dtex found ourselves in last week, when major news outlets started reporting that Teamviewer, a popular remote-access software, had [...]

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Can You Believe How Easily These Scientists Stole Data? 3 Insider Threat Insights

You’ve probably already heard about the latest news in the security world. Two scientists have been charged with stealing valuable intellectual property from their employer, British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. More specifically, the scientists -- along with three other co-conspirators outside of the company -- stand accused of [...]

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The Most Dangerous Call Center Security Threat: The Why and How of Stopping the Insider Threat

From a security standpoint, call centers are one of the riskiest areas of the enterprise. Like any branch of an organization, they're susceptible to malware, APT, and other security threats. But there’s one security concern that they need to pay extra special attention to: the insider threat. Call [...]

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5 Reasons Why Elf on the Shelf is Santa’s Endpoint Visibility

I’m about to ask you a question that might derail your entire day: Did you move your Elf on the Shelf last night? Thousands of parents around the world, after all, wake up panicked at 4 AM every other day with the heart-stopping image of a stagnant [...]

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