Long Overdue: Shedding Legacy Employee Monitoring Technology to Effectively Manage Insider Threats

The wave of recent headlines centered on the insider threat make it hard to deny that the dangers within our organizations are just as pervasive as those on the outside. The data theft and sabotage affecting companies of all sizes and across all industries - from Coca [...]

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Monday, July 16: Dtex, Insider Threat News: Privileged User Dents Apple Self-Driving Car Program; DOJ Says Russia Hacked Clinton Campaign, Issues Indictments Against Spies

Last week, Apple found out it had an insider threat active in its ranks. It was the type of insider that Dtex and the industry commonly refers to as a “leaver." In this case, the leaver also happened to be a privileged user. A leaver is someone [...]

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An Opportunity for Innovation: Preventing Bank Fraud in the Face of SWIFT, NPP, and Evolving Technology

It should be no surprise to anyone, least of all security teams, that technology is ever-evolving. But while this constant innovation enables so much good in the business world, it also presents a daunting challenge for cybersecurity to match pace. The global financial services industry is currently [...]

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Monday, July 9: Dtex, Insider Threat, Privacy News: California Passes West Coast GDPR; Insider Threat Too Much Even for Security Company; Drones, Law Enforcement, Activity Monitoring and Transparency

May and June were huge months for privacy. July is already big for the Insider Threat. In May, GDPR enforcement commenced. In June, The United States Supreme Court ruled that law enforcement agencies must have a warrant to search cellphone location data. Also in June, Governor Jerry [...]

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Monday, July 2: Dtex – Insider Threat News: Harris Poll Reveals that Employees Support Monitoring, SC Magazine’s ‘Women in Security 2018’ Features Christy Wyatt, Human Error Leads to Amgen Data Breach Copy

We are focused on helping our customers and the security industry to detect insider threats. As part of our commitment, we frequently engage in research that reveals how to improve related technology and human processes. Last week, we announced the results of our recent Harris Poll. It revealed [...]

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Harris Poll Shows How To Gain Employee Support for Monitoring Programs and Avoid Privacy Invasions

All too often, privacy and security are portrayed as at odds with each other. There was a time when this didn’t matter, as security at the expense of frequently won out. This is evidenced by the large number of solutions on the market that provide details into [...]

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Monday, June 25: Dtex, Insider Threat in the News: Dtex CEO Christy Wyatt Speaks to Dark Reading about Tesla Insider Attack, NBC about Privacy and SCOTUS Cell Phone Decision; Tech’s Mega Players Meeting Wednesday to Talk Privacy and Regulation

The United States Supreme Court last week ruled in ‘Carpenter v. United States’ that the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution requires law enforcement agencies to obtain a search warrant to access individuals’ cellphone location history. There are multiple reasons why so many people are calling this [...]

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How Edward Snowden made us think about and forget the Insider Threat

Five years ago, the news media went into a frenzy after The Guardian revealed details about National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance activities. The news was based on classified documents that former NSA IT contractor Edward Snowden stole while he had privileged access to NSA systems and data. [...]

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