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Dtex is a Worldwide Leader in Endpoint Security Analytics


Dtex Systems brings visibility, transparency, and security to leading global organizations.

Now headquartered in Silicon Valley, Dtex was launched in Australia in 2000. Dtex has evolved into the lightest, most scalable endpoint solution in the world. Specifically designed for scalability and near-zero performance impact, Dtex is configurable for both local and multinational organizations. This mature, hardened technology enables Dtex to deliver the visibility, transparency and security needed by global businesses to prevent internal threats without compromising user privacy.

In addition to the core technical expertise, our international team has a deep knowledge of the legal, regulatory and business requirements for protective monitoring. While often supported by its service partners, Dtex retains full responsibility for project management to ensure the highest possible standard of service delivery for every customer.

Please refer to the Solutions section for more about the problems Dtex solves.

For further information or to contact Dtex Systems, please email info@dtexsystems.com.

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