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About Us

Dtex Protects Enterprises Against User Threats

Dtex: A Leading Expert in Insider Threat

Dtex Systems combines lightweight visibility with analytics to detect insider threat with actionable User Behavior Intelligence.

Now headquartered in Silicon Valley, Dtex was launched in Australia in 2000 and has been innovating insider threat detection for over fifteen years. In that time, we’ve learned that insider threats are a bigger, more complicated issue than many realize, encompassing both malicious and negligent threats, as well as outside infiltrators. Dtex’s engineers and analysts have discovered thousands of threat patterns and developed anomaly detection specifically suited to pinpointing every type of insider threat. We pride ourselves on Dtex’s ability to provide the critical, often-missing dataset of endpoint user behavior.

In addition to the core technical expertise, our international team has a deep knowledge of the legal, regulatory and business requirements for protective monitoring. Dtex’s expert analysts also provide to-the-minute support and insights to help customers get the most possible out of their User Behavior Intelligence.

For further information or to contact Dtex Systems, please email info@dtexsystems.com.