The Dtex User Threat Platform: Protect the Enterprise from Within

Dtex combines endpoint visibility, targeted analytics, and analyst expertise to provide bulletproof user threat detection.

Interview with Security Expert Peter Erceg

2016 Cost of Insider Threats Report

How Williams F1 Uses Dtex

User Behavior Analytics Software

“The common denominator across the top four patterns [of attack] — accounting for nearly 90% of all incidents — is people”

2015 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, pg. 32

Security for the New Enterprise

In years past, enterprises could rely on a defined perimeter to keep their data safe. All machines and employees were in a centralized location, easily protected by lock-and-block security. Today, that breed of enterprise no longer exists. We live in a world of distributed enterprises, BYO device policies, and employees who work from home or from unprotected locations. Your sensitive data isn’t at your office building — it’s with your users. Dtex gives you visibility, analytics, and alerts straight from the endpoint — the best way to protect against user threats.

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Find Every Class of User Threat

User threats come in very different forms — and all of them are equally dangerous. Dtex’s visibility and analytics are tuned to see the warning signs from every type of user threat.

Malicious Users

Internal users that intentionally harm the enterprise

  • Data Exfiltration
  • Obfuscation & Covering Tracks
  • Bypassing Security Controls
  • Flight Risk

Negligent Users

Internal users that accidentally harm the enterprise

  • Online File Sharing
  • Personal Webmail
  • Pirated Media & Applications
  • Unauthorized Internet Use

Outside Infiltrators

Outside attackers infiltrating the organization and posing as insiders

  • Unusual Data Aggregation
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Lateral Movement Tools
  • Ransomware

Security as a Service

Security analysts are already drowning in alerts. Dtex’s analytics reduce false positives for a manageable alert volume. Even better, you get access to a team of expert analysts to help you manage Dtex’s data and alerts so you can find user threats faster. You get all of the benefits of visibility without the overhead of overwhelming alert management.

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See what security leaders are saying about Dtex

“As part of a proof of concept for an insider risk program, deployed Dtex to 500 users. After two weeks of an initial baseline data collection, end-user analysts observed that Dtex is one of the few products to provide usable data directly “out-of-the-box” with little to no customization. Dtex offers a clean dashboard and menu layout which allows the end-user analyst to easily maneuver throughout the features quickly, resulting in a minimal learning curve. Its ability to capture and filter the most relevant metadata and preview 1 hour before and after the event provides the end-user analyst with the ability to derive context to the event.”

Head of Insider Threat, Global Defense Contractor

“Williams is moving from a control-centric security model to a people-centric security model, and that requires a very different way of thinking. So we looked across the whole vendor landscape…By far and away, Dtex was the best solutions for us, fitted all the criteria that we needed, and in some areas exceeded our expectations. Right out of the box, Dtex gave us visibility into what was happening on our endpoints that we couldn’t achieve with any other security product.”

Graeme Hackland, Williams F1

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